About the Hall of Taps

The Hall of Taps was born out of the idea that objectively some beers are better than others. While the Julius has more than 26 thousand ratings on Untappd, there are other equally as good beers with less ratings. Untappd has their own top rated leaderboard, but we feel their rating is incomplete as there has to be a mininum of 150 ratings on a beer. Also, just because a beer has many ratings doesn't objectively make it the best craft brew. After all people drift towards craft brews to get away from the macro brewed beers. So in a way the craft beers with many ratings are macro brews.

The Forumla

You can read our guide on how we rate our beers here

The Team

Adam McIntosh

Ever since discovering the use of Untappd's API Adam has been obsessed with craft beer numbers. Adam came up with the idea for the Hall of Taps, inspired by the Hall of Stats. He designed the site, and built the site from the ground up. He writes about baseball at @mcb_tigers and everything else related to him can be found at @The1MacAttack or his website here

The Tech

The Hall of Taps is built with asp.net webforms using C#


Technical issues as well as missing beers should be directed to adammcintosh 08 at gmail dot com